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Our mission at CWP is to help readers discover new or less known paranormal romance (PNR) and paranormal women's fiction (PWF) authors while assisting authors with the business side of getting their stories into the world. 



Anne K. Whelan

Anne believes in stories. They make us who we are. As she worked on her first story, Anne experienced first-hand the challenges that self-published authors face to get their idea into the world in front of the readers. 

Thus, in her entrepreneurial spirit, Anne teamed up with her friend Liz to create Clan Whelan Publishing.


For her, it is all about making a positive impact in the lives of readers and authors while doing what she loves - helping the stories come alive and reach as many people as possible.  


Liz Cain 


Liz Cain has loved reading her whole life and is what Anne calls a super reader. She jumped at the opportunity to help more stories be published and to help readers discover new authors.

She lives in the UK and works with Anne to create new stories. Their first co-authored book inspired the idea to create a publishing business to take the hard work out for other authors. 

Together Anne and Liz want to make it easier for readers to discover new paranormal romance authors in one place. 

Liz has worked in the NHS for over a decade and has always aspired to help people in any way she can. 

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