We are accepting author applications for 2022!

If you are a paranormal romance (PNR) or paranormal women's fiction (PWF) author or want to become one, Clan Whelan Publishing (CWP) might be the right publisher for you. If you love the creative process and do not want to deal with the business side of getting your books out, that's exactly why CWP is here for you. We intend to take off your plate all the necessary, but daunting tasks for reaching a larger audience of readers. Below are our terms for authors. 

CWP Terms for Authors

Product. New or unpublished idea in the paranormal romance (PNR) or paranormal women’s fiction (PWF) genres, for a series of at least three (3) books of around 70K – 80K words.

Publisher: Rights and Responsibilities.                                                                                          

Rights. Author grants CWP the exclusive world rights to the books in any form known and yet to be discovered, in perpetuity. CWP has the right to terminate the agreement at any time after five (5) years of commitment to make the books successful. If CWP terminates the agreement after five (5) years, all rights automatically revert to Author. CWP retains subsidiary rights including but not limited to film, TV, audio and merchandising rights. Author grants CWP the right of first refusal on any subsequent books.                                                      

Responsibilities. CWP covers all expenses in preparation of books for publication as well as expenses on advertising and promotion. CWP provides Author with Beta and ARC readers, manages book releases and marketing, including but not limited to Amazon and Facebook ads, and arranges for editors and cover designers to work with.

Author: Rights and Responsibilities.                                                                                          

Rights. All rights not expressly granted to CWP are reserved to Author. Author has the right to terminate the agreement at any time after five (5) years of commitment to allow CWP to make the books successful. If Author terminates the agreement after five (5) years, all rights automatically revert to Author. Author retains rights to the story, characters, and settings. No changes to the story, in any form, can be made without Author’s approval. CWP consults Author regarding title, artwork, advertising, and promotional materials.                        

Responsibilities. Author warrants to CWP that books are not in the public domain, that Author is a sole proprietor of books and has full power and authority to enter into an agreement with CWP. Author guarantees that books do not contain anything unlawful or deceptive, infringe on any copyright or other proprietary rights of any third party.


Copyright. CWP registers the copyright to the books in the name of Author, within the ninety (90) days of initial publications. 


Manuscripts. Manuscripts to be delivered by Author to CWP according to the agreed schedule, in the form of a Microsoft Word document to be sent via email. If Author fails to meet the delivery dates, CWP has the right to terminate the agreement. Delivery dates may be extended by forces beyond Author’s control.


Publication. CWP agrees to publish print-ready manuscripts within three (3) months of their completion. Books are published on Amazon/KDP. The pricing for books is determined by CWP after consultation with Author. CWP provides Author with ten (10) copies of the initial print edition of the books.


Payments and Accounting.

Payments. Once the expenses that CWP paid for (cover, editing, marketing, ads, etc.) are recovered by CWP, the profits are split between CWP and Author at fifty-fifty percent (50%/50%). Author receives payments on a monthly basis according to the above-mentioned distribution. In the case CWP arranges a movie, TV show, merchandise or similar deal, Author receives 30% of the deal that CWP gets. The payment is disbursed to Author within one (1) month of CWP receiving the money.                          

Accounting. All the accounting is done by CWP. Author has the right, upon written request, to examine with their own accountant CWP’s records of accounts as they relate to the sales of Author’s books. 


To apply, please submit your application here. If any questions arise, do not hesitate to connect with us through the Contact page or at clanwhelanpublishing@gmail.com.  

With love,

CWP Team