Katarina - The One Goddess by Anne K. Whelan

Katarina - The One Goddess is the action-packed paranormal romance series of four books. If you like strong women, hot-trouble heroes, and steamy chemistry, then you’ll love this divine tale. 

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An orphan. A deity. And a kiss that breaks hell loose. 

And it was a scorching hot kiss, too. My name is Katarina. Last week I was stuck in a dead-end life with a soul-sucking government job as my only future. I figured I’d die there. 

Then Kaden blitzed into my life with those golden, all-seeing eyes of his. I should have been suspicious. Instead, I was swept away in a glorious tide of Kaden’s affections. With one kiss, he ignited my world; and not just in a good way. Becoming a goddess comes with risks. With the government chasing me and a rebellion hounding me… everybody suddenly knows who I am — and I don’t like it. 

And that deity who started all this trouble? Well, he’s also a shifter. Three shifters, to be exact, and they’re all mine. Or I’m theirs; depends who you ask. 
Oh. And I have to master my magic. If I don’t figure out my new powers fast enough? I’ll die. 

No pressure, right?

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A hunt for a mythical cult? Count me in. 

Look, a kiss transformed me into a goddess. After something like that happens, is it so hard to believe there’s a mythical cult out there somewhere? I mean, sign me up; I’m a believer. 

This cult could bring down the government and topple the unfair class system that’s been ruining lives across the galaxy for centuries. Will it be dangerous? You betcha. Am I well protected? Yeah, by three super-hot, magical gods that can shift—Kaden, Brody, and Parker. Sorry, I just drooled a little. 

Also, the cult holds the key to merging my three men back together. My shifter gods must be reunited or they’ll die. 


This cult had better be real. 

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I’m not the same Goddess anymore. 

In some ways, that’s a good thing. I took down the head of the Mystic government. I was inducted into The Golden Sun, as promised. But there’s still a war raging both in the real world and inside me. 

My mission to reunite my loves before they die isn’t over either. And since the universe is kicking me while I’m down, my powers are also waning. 

Gee, thanks, world. I try to do something nice and get the people’s elbow to show for it. 

But I’m not giving up. 

Not when everything starts to fall apart. Not when I realize I might die. With friendships and loyalties tested, with the lines between allies and enemies blurred, only two things remain constant; my love for my men and my desire for change

You can quit testing me anytime, universe. K, thanks. 

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My magic: gone. My three loves: dying. I’m a hunted woman.

I’m supposed to be the Goddess to bring about equality for all—I’ve failed. I don’t even have a spark of magic left. My armies have fallen. My allies are gone. It’s me, my guys, and our vampire friend Raul. 

And there’s someone hunting me, a dangerous dictator with abilities he shouldn’t have. 

For now, we need to run. Where? Earth—a barren planet long ago devastated by magical and mundane wars—my guys say there’s nothing there.


Common sense says there’s nothing there. But something draws me to the planet and the pull is irresistible.


Will whatever’s there help keep my guys alive? Can we figure out a way to turn the tides against the impossible odds we face?